This article will inform you on appealing a loan, grant or bursary decision.

If you think that your award authority (eg. SFE, SFW, SFNI, SASS, or NHSBSA) hasn’t assessed your application correctly, or you would like help to appeal a decision they have made, you can speak with an advisor in the Student Finance Centre.

With your permission we can speak on your behalf with your award authority, or help you put your appeal in writing. You'll need to let your award authority know that we have your consent to speak to them before they will share any information about your student finance account, your application, or any funding. This can be done by setting up consent to share (CTS) over the phone or in writing.

The Student Finance Centre may also be able to give you some financial help or advice if your funding is going to be delayed due to an issue with your award authority.

For details on how to set up CTS, book an appointment, or more information please contact the Student Finance Centre.