As you are starting to explore the broad range of opportunities in the cyber security sector, it will be important to consider the current trends and future of this vital area of work. 

Some key areas for consideration include the rapid growth in numbers of “Internet of Things” devices, including your fitness tracker, your smart TV and even household white goods can be managed online - everything is connected and this means that cyber security has moved beyond standard computers and smartphones. As the number of these devices has increased, so, too, have opportunities working to keep them secure. 

Another area of new technology with an impact on the security landscape is the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The ability of these technologies to extract useful information from large sets of data is having a significant impact on industry and research and security firms consistently use these to identify patterns that may be indicative of a cyber attack. 

Other areas of expertise to be aware of are encryption - which is already widely used to protect sensitive transactions and data - and blockchain technology, which works to make banking and commercial transactions more secure. 





Keeping up to date

Below you will find some key resources to help you research the industry further and keep up to date with sector news:


  • National Cyber Security Centre – NCSC provides advice and support to help the UK public and private sector avoid cyber threats.
  • National Protective Security Authority NPSA protects national security and provides up-to-date information on protective security and security measures and protocols.
  • Inspired Careers – An interactive careers hub for people looking to enter the cyber security industry straight from education. The website also provides information on different roles within this sector.
  • Cyber Security Jobsite – Cyber security news, trends and current affairs.
  • techUK – techUK is the trade association for the technology industry and has a cyber security/crime exchange group which focuses on “high threat” areas (including organised crime, intelligence, defence, national security and the protection of critical national infrastructure).
  • Security Week – The latest news and headlines from Security Week.
  • The Guardian – The latest updates on cybercrime and technology from The Guardian.
  • Reuters – Thomson Reuters provides leading information for businesses and professionals.
  • BCS Information Security Specialist Group – A sub-group of the British Computer Society and deals in all aspects of information security.
  • Cyber Security Associations – A list of cyber security associations and professional organisations.
  • Chartered Institute of Information Security - CIISec provides a focal point for the information cyber security profession; ensuring standards of professionalism for training, qualifications, operating practices and individuals.



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