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Sport and Leisure

As sport is increasingly playing an important part in areas such as health, education and social inclusion, it’s not just sports-based organisations that will be your main potential employers.

You could go into many specific areas such as teaching, coaching, sport science support, sports development and management, marketing and the health and fitness sectors.

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Who recruits sport and leisure graduates?

  • Fitness and leisure centres
  • Professional sports clubs
  • Governing bodies for sports
  • Health and sports development centres
  • Hotels and accommodation facilities as well as spas.
  • Schools
  • NHS

You could also finding opportunities in:

  • Event management companies, organising and running festivals, concerts, exhibitions and corporate or private parties.
  • Leisure management consultancies, providing advice to the public and private sector on how best to manage their sports and leisure facilities.



Self-employment is also possible and after gaining experience some graduates establish sports consultancy businesses or set-up sports camps or training centres providing one-to-one personal training. However, there is an element of unpredictability if client numbers decrease unexpectedly.

Get advice on starting or growing a business from our Student StartUp Team. Please see below for further advice about freelancing.

Useful websites to start your job search

  • UK Sports - Contains a variety of paid internships, permanent and fixed term jobs in sports.
  • Sport England - Contains jobs board with a variety of roles across numerous sports.
  • Careers in Sport Guide - Provides analysis of the different career options available in the world of sport, providing helpful advice on the qualifications and experience required for a career in sport.
  • English Institute of Sport – Jobs board listing different opportunities within the sports sector.
  • Society of Sports Therapists – Useful website if you are interested in pursuing a career in sports therapy.
  • Get into teaching - Provides information on the various routes into teaching including primary and PE information.

Tips for finding a job

  • Think broadly about the sports sector and all the different opportunities it offers and try to think what you would specifically like to pursue and focus on.
  • Keep up to date with the sports and leisure management sector news and trends by following professional bodies on Twitter. This information might help you identify opportunities to network and tap into the hidden jobs market.
  • Explore various areas within the sector you want to get into; knowing what you want to specialise in will help you focus your research and ensure you gain relevant skills.
  • Get involved in relevant sports university societies or external groups. This is a good way of demonstrating your motivation and interest within this area of work. Many recruiters are looking for recent evidence of balancing university commitments with extra-curricular activities throughout your higher education studies.
  • Be proactive and make direct contact with organisations that interest you and apply speculatively; send a targeted CV and a covering letter focused on why you are interested in them and why they should be interested in you.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile to network with sector employers - see our Networking and Social Media section for further guidance.

Useful social media feeds

Follow companies on Twitter or Facebook to receive news, information about current projects for this specific industry sector and to tap into the hidden jobs market:

Further Information

If you need more information why not check out some of the resources below to help you to research the sector in more depth.

  • Global Sports Jobs - Works in partnership with a number of local and international organisations, advertising the latest opportunities from leading sports organisations.

  • Sportcal - Delivers sports analysis and insight to a range of global clients. Sportcal is a useful resource for anyone interested in getting involved in this sector.
  • Keith Prowse - One of the UK’s leading hospitality and tour providers, specialising in sporting and cultural events.
  • Octagon - A global sports, entertainment, lifestyle marketing and talent representation agency of the Interpublic Group.

  • BBC Kick Off Trainee Sports Reporter - Training scheme for sports reporters.
  • Satellite Information Services Operates a number of racing channels and provides information for bookmakers, it also offers job opportunities under the careers section.

Sport and Leisure

Your guide to building a career in sport and leisure.



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