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Student View is the place for your course information and to make requests to the University.

This is where you can manage many aspects of your course, including viewing modules, timetables and grades, updating your details, and applying for bursaries.

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Registering online

When you're able to register for your course online, we'll send you an email asking you to visit the 'My Registration' page. Here you'll confirm your personal, course, fee and other information.

How to register online



Uploading your photo

When you register for your course, you'll need to upload a photo of yourself to the system. 

How to upload a photo

Click on the Start button next to the Upload Photo registration step

Screenshot of how to upload a photo

Click on Browse My Computer to find a suitable photo in .jpg format, and with a maximum size of 5MB. An error message will appear if the file you select is not suitable.

Screenshot of how to upload a photo

If your image is not the correct size, you'll see an error message. Press Edit Image to crop your photo to the correct size. 

Screenshot of how to upload a photo


Use the cropping tool to crop your photograph and press Crop Selection when you have finished.

Screenshot of how to upload a photo


Screenshot of how to upload a photo

If the image is the correct size, a green confirmation message will be displayed. Press the Accept button at the bottom of the screen. The status will show as Awaiting Upload. Press the Upload button, and a confirmation message will appear when this has been completed.Screenshot of how to upload a photo

Press Continue at the bottom of the screen to move on to other tasks. 

You can change your photo at a later date using these same steps.



Viewing your information

Here's how to update your personal information, including address, name and more.

How to view your information



Managing your finances

The My Finance page is where you can view and manage your financial information at the University all in one place. Here you can view your financial statement, including your current balance on tuition fees, accommodation and other invoices. You can also make and manage payments online, and with some payment types set up a payment plan.

Find out more about how to make a payment to the University.

How to manage your finances



Applying for funds

You can search, view and apply for bursaries, scholarships and funds through the Portal. Here's how to check your eligibility, see what types of awards there are and check deadlines. You can also apply online and track your application progress as it's underway.

How to apply for funds



Applying for extenuating circumstances

If you need to apply for extenuating circumstances, because your assessments have been affected by personal issues, you can do this on Your Student View. You can submit a new extenuating circumstances application or review previously submitted applications there.

How to apply for extenuating circumstances



Choosing your modules

You'll be contacted by email when it's time to choose your optional modules for the upcoming academic years. For undergraduate students studying full time, this will be around the start of Teaching Block 2. You'll be given a deadline, and if you don't make your choices within the allocated time, you'll be signed up to default module(s).

Once the window for choosing your optional modules is open, you'll be able to access your module option choices by logging into your Student View, and selecting ‘My Option Choices’.

The ‘My Option Choices’ page will display three options:

  • Choose your module option choices
  • Choose your reserve modules
  • Choose your language (not compulsory unless you have opted to study a language module)



Generating University letters

When using student view, you have the ability to generate standardised letters for yourself. These letters include bank letters, confirmation of studies letter and a council tax letter. Please see video below for instructions on how to generate letters.  

How to Generate Letters



Contact us

If you have technical trouble with using Your Student View, you can use the live chat box in the bottom right of this page between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Or you can get in touch with the Service Desk on servicedesk@port.ac.uk.