10th December 2018CCI Facilities and Students

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Find out what support we offer during your studies and put your best foot forward at university

Everyone needs a little help with their studies from time to time, whether you're a fresher taking your first steps into uni life or a seasoned student who knows your way around university.

Find out how the learning and academic support we offer at Portsmouth can help you fulfil your potential. Get advice and support on what to do - and what not to do – to make the most of your study time:

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13th December 2018CCI Facilities and Students

Modules to get you started with your studies

Prepare for the year ahead or refresh your memory when you return for a new academic year.

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Academic Skills Support

Develop your understanding, thinking, writing and organisational skills at the Academic Skills Unit.

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Maths support at Maths Cafe

Get free help and advice about maths and statistics at our Maths Café.

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Support tutors and advisors

Our support tutors help you learn and develop the key study skills you need.

Essay mills – now a criminal offence

Students around the world, including those at University of Portsmouth, are being targeted by companies offering to write assessments for payment.

The Government has made it illegal for companies to write assignments for students for financial gain, and to advertise these services.

No student should be tempted to engage with these companies or individuals. Not only is it a breach of the Code of Student Behaviour, which could result in exclusion from the University, but it also damages your long term success and likelihood of securing a good job after University.