Being an independent learner | Autism Toolkit

Learn about how to become an independent learner.

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Studying at your own pace, Callum | Autism toolkit

The transition to studying at your own pace from the perspective of an autistic student.

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Top study tips from Kathleen | Autism Toolkit

Get top studying tips from an autistic student, Kathleen. Read now.

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How can the library help? | Autism Toolkit

Learn about the services the library can offer.

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What are assessments and how do you survive them | Autism toolkit

This page gives you some practical ideas on how to prepare for assessments as an autistic student.

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How to manage exams | AUTISM TOOLKIT

Find tips on how to prepare for an exam and perform well.

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This toolkit is an adaptation of the Autism&Uni project led by Marc Fabri from Leeds Beckett University, under license CC BY 4.0. The original Autism&Uni project was funded with support from the European Commission with partners in the UK, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. For more information about this project please visit the Autism&Uni website.