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Dive deeper into learning

Explore areas of study outside of your chosen subject for extra credit

Explore key research themes and areas of study and work outside of your chosen subject for extra credit.

We’re offering our students a suite of stand-alone, credit-bearing modules at Level 4 to:

  • build your capacity to tackle global, multidimensional problems through research-informed learning
  • broaden your interdisciplinary learning opportunities
  • bring the University’s research themes to the fore, from the start of your academic journeys.

These Level 4 modules aligned to our research themes will also give you the opportunity to critically explore key areas of study and work outside of your chosen subject. 

These online modules are optional and credit-bearing, and sit outside of your main course programmes. Please check if you can attend sessions before you enrol as your main course timetable will not be changed to attend the optional enrichment module sessions.

Learning and leading to make a difference

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