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Advice for keeping safe

Your safety matters to us – explore our guides so you can enjoy your life at uni and focus on your studies

Coming to university is a chance to be independent, make new friends and try something different. It's also a time where you'll be more responsible for yourself and the people around you. 

From paying rent and bills to cooking meals or going out, there will be a lot of new things to try. Whatever it may be, use our guides to make sure you're safe.

Getting around campus safely

International Ambassadors, November 2018
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Staying safe on a night out

Helpful advice on staying safe when you're going out.

Group of young people talking
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Keeping your information secure

Students in a computer suite
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Safe sexual relationships at uni

Couple overlooking the sea
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Support in a crisis

If you need support urgently, all the important contacts are here.

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Report and support

Everyone has the right to feel safe and welcome at the University. Bullying, harassment, prejudice, discrimination and sexual misconduct of any kind are completely unacceptable at any time. Please report any incident of socially unacceptable behaviour so that we can identify common issues and offer support.