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Understanding Your Results

If you're not sure what the exam board decision means, here's some guidance

When you get your assessment results back, you may like some advice on what they mean and what you need to do next.

Finding your results

Your results will be available for you to view on Your Student View on the ‘My Results’ tab. Your decision about progression/award can be found on the ‘My Course Progression’ tab. 

You will see three sections:

My Assessment Marks - This will show the mark for each assessment you have taken.

My Module Marks - This will show your overall module results.

My Course Progression - This will show your overall progression decision.

There's more information on what each result means below. If you haven't passed yet, refer to our guidance on your next steps.

What your results mean

You've not been assigned sufficient credit at the Board of Examiners to progress or receive an award. You've been granted another attempt at one or more modules in the referral period, and the referral assessments will be capped at a pass mark. You can view the referred modules on the ‘My Assessment Marks’ page of your Student View.

You've been permitted another attempt at one or more of your modules with valid extenuating circumstances or because of a course management issue. You can view your deferred modules on the ‘My Assessment Marks’ page of your Student View.

Deferral assessments will be marked as if for the first attempt, with no cap applied to the deferral mark achieved.

You have a combination of modules that have not yet been passed, both referred and deferred.  Please see the Referral and Deferral information above for an explanation.

Please be sure to check the individual assessment results because you may need to do more than one assessment for each module.

You are only permitted to do deferred assessments, and not referrals. This also means that if you have both Refer and Defer in a module, you are only permitted to do the deferred assessments and not referrals in that module. Please contact your faculty's MyPort Information Hub if you are unsure about your result.  

You will be studying at the same level again in the next academic year, instead of progressing or completing. The Board of Examiners will decide whether the deferred repeat is with or without attendance.

You are required to repeat failed modules in the next academic session, without progressing onto the next stage of your course.

The Board of Examiners has decided that your academic progress made this year was unsatisfactory and you will not be allowed to continue on your programme of study.

We'll write to you separately confirming this decision and the action you can take if you wish to discuss this, or appeal the decision.

The Board will consider an alternative exit award if this is available on your course, and if you have achieved sufficient credits.

One or more modules are yet to be considered by the Board of Examiners.

You have progressed onto the next stage of your course.

You have been permitted to progress onto the next year of your course, without moving onto the next academic level.

This could apply for example if you are a part-time Masters student, or other part time student moving into the next academic year, or a student on a non-standard intake (eg Jan/Feb start).

The Board of Examiners has conferred an award for your course.

You have achieved sufficient credit to attend graduation, and will need to undertake referral/deferral assessment, to complete your final credits and receive the full award.

You have progressed onto the next stage of your course. However, you must also undertake further assessments for the module that you have not yet passed at your previous level. This will be at the earliest opportunity in the next academic year.

Referral and Deferral

The Referral/Deferral period starts after the Board of Examiners has confirmed results and normally runs for three weeks - see the University's key dates. Dates may vary depending on the course.

Referral is permitted if the total credit failed (including Referrals and combined Referral/Deferral) is 60 credits or less. Final year students can also have a Referral in the major project or dissertation module. Referral restrictions may vary depending on your course, or if there are additional course specific accreditation requirements. This applies to standard undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes.

All coursework for this period should be submitted by the specified deadline, and referral/deferral exams will show on your timetable.

If you are unable to attempt assessment, you may wish to consider applying for extenuating circumstances. Valid extenuating circumstances for Referral/Deferral will not provide you with an extension for coursework, or a later exam date. However, the Board will take extenuating circumstances into account when making decisions about progression and award.

Please refer to the full Board of Examiners Regulations for more detail on assessment decisions.

Appealing Marks or Board Decisions

Please note that there are limited grounds under which Academic Appeals will be found valid. If you feel you have grounds to appeal a decision that has been made, please note that appeals should be made within 10 working days of receiving your results. You cannot appeal simply because you are unhappy with a mark.

Please refer to the full Board of Examiners Regulations for more detail on assessment decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Results should normally be published within 3 days of the relevant Board of Examiners.

Please see sections 5.4.3 and 5.4.5 of the Examination and Assessment Regulations for Boards of Examiners.

Grade Point Average is deducted by calculating a weighted mean of Grade Points from all relevant credits at Levels 5 and 6, in the ratio of 40:60 respectively, after first discounting the Grade Points in the worst 20 credits at each level.  More information can be found in the University of Portsmouth Examination & Assessment Regulations: Board of Examiners, under section 5.4.4.

The referral/deferral period will depend on the course you are studying, and normally runs for three weeks from the Monday of the week following the Board of Examiners. This will vary for some students (including LATW, distance learning and postgraduate). There are key dates online.

This will be made clear in the instructions provided about your referral or deferral requirements.

This will depend on the course you are studying and the credits you have achieved. Please check the details on the Graduation Page. If you are unsure please contact your MyPort Information Hub.

Failing one assessment does not necessarily mean failing a module. Some modules contain more than one item of assessment. In this case it is possible to pass a module in spite of a failed assessment if the overall module pass threshold is met. There are some exceptions: modules with a single assessment; Pass/Fail assessments and modules; some accredited courses where all assessments must be successfully completed.

All students will be considered at a Board of Examiners where the overall number of failed and/or deferred modules will be presented for the Board to decide whether a student is eligible for Referral (Resit).

The Board of Examiners allows Referral if the total number of modules failed (including Referrals and Combined Referral/Deferrals) does not exceed a limit of 60 credits. Students can also have a Referral in the major project or dissertation module for their course, on top of this limit. Referral restrictions may vary depending on your course, or if there are additional course specific accreditation requirements. This applies to standard undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes.

The Board of Examiners has awarded you with credit for this module, and you will not need to do any additional work for assessment on this module. You will see a compensated pass showing on your transcript.

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