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Helping you to work around issues with your health or personal life

The extenuating circumstances procedure is there to help when you are having difficulties with your health or personal life which have left you unable to attend, complete or submit an assessment .

Serious long-term circumstances that have a significant effect on your ability to study will typically result in you needing to request a suspension of your studies rather than extenuating circumstances.

MyPort Information Hubs can help you you with your extenuating circumstances application and connect you with your personal tutor. If they are aware of your difficulties, your tutor can provide you with a statement to support your online extenuating circumstances submission.

If you attend an exam or submit an assignment on time, you have declared yourself "Fit to Sit" and a successful extenuating circumstances application is highly unlikely. An application will only be considered if you are unable to submit coursework on time, were taken ill during an exam, or missed an exam entirely.

For more information, visit the University of Portsmouth Students' Union website, ring them on 02392 843478, or attend a drop-in session Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, 11-1 and 2-4pm.

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