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When and how to pay

How to pay your tuition fees including receiving invoices and applying for refunds

Tuition fees are one of your main expenses when you go to university. Find out everything you need to know about paying your tuition fees, including receiving invoices, when to pay, how to pay, applying for refunds and accessing financial support.

Please note that if you’re paying for your tuition fees with a tuition fee loan, the Government will pay your fees to us directly. This means that much of the information on this page may not apply to you. If you have any questions, please contact

Important things to know:


The Government sets maximum tuition fees. For the academic year 2019/20, the fees are £9,250 for all of our full-time undergraduate courses (excluding some language years abroad and sandwich years).

This fee is for UK and EEA (European Economic Area) students.

You can find out about any others costs on your course page.

Postgraduates (taught courses)

Your tuition fees will vary depending on what you're studying. You can find the cost of tuition for your chosen subject by visiting the course page.

Postgraduates (research degrees)

You need to check what the fees are for your chosen research degree:

Once you register online, you're sent a tuition fee invoice and payment plan. You’ll then receive your invoice from the official email address

If you requested a pro-forma invoice before you arrived in Portsmouth, you'll receive this from the email address

If you receive an invoice from any other email address, forward it to for an authenticity check.

You'll need to pay or settle your fees by the due date on your official invoice. You then have 14 days from the date of your official invoice to pay your tuition fees in full or set up a payment plan.

Tuition fees are ‘paid’ when the annual amount is paid in full. Tuition fees are ‘settled’ when:

  • the Student Loans Company confirms your award
  • your sponsor submits a sponsor form
  • you set up a direct debit
  • you set up a recurring card payment mandate

Pay online

You can pay via debit or credit card online.

Pay by instalment

You've 2 options for paying in instalments:

  • 6 monthly instalments

You can pay in 6 monthly instalments from October to March. You can choose this option by setting up 6 instalments online.

  • 2 x instalments

You can pay by 2 instalments of 50%. You can choose this option by:

  • paying 50% of your fee when you receive the invoice
  • sending a confirmation email to to set up the second instalment
  • paying the second instalment at the start of the next term

If you have any questions, please contact the Finance Department on +44 (0)23 9284 5533.

Pay by international bank transfer

You can pay by Western Union international bank transfer.

Your tuition fees will vary depending on what you're studying. You can find the cost of tuition for your chosen subject by visiting the course page.

You can pay your postgraduate tuition fees online, by card or by Direct Debit in the following ways:

  • Anyone can pay in full at the beginning of each academic year
  • International students can pay in two instalments. The first instalment is due at registration each academic year with the second instalment due at the beginning of January (September starts) or the beginning of April (January starts). When the Easter break falls in April, the second instalment for January starts is due at the beginning of May.
  • Home / EU students can pay in four instalments.The first instalment is due at registration each academic year, followed by an instalment on the 4th December, 4th February and 4th April (September starts) or 4th April, 4th June and 4th August (January starts).
  • Home / EU students who are using their Student Finance England postgraduate loan to pay fees can also pay in 3 instalments. If students choose to pay by recurring credit or debit card, an initial instalment of £50* is due at registration to register the card details, followed by an instalment at the start of each term on a date to coincide with the receipt of the loan instalments. The initial payment of £50 is not required when choosing the Direct Debit arrangement.
  • Students from America with a US Federal loan or similar which covers the payment of fees can pay in three instalments. Students may select this option during the registration process.

If you're a University of Portsmouth alumni you get a discount on your fees. Please use the Alumni tuition fee discount checker.

If you have questions about funding your study, or you need help sourcing funding, email or call +44 (0)23 9284 3014.

For questions about how to pay your fees, email

Make a payment

Refunding tuition fees

Please see our Tuition Fee Policy 2019/20 to check if you're due a refund. Here's how to apply for a refund:

  • if you've transferred or withdrawn from your course, you need to change your status
  • if your sponsor or employer is now paying your fees instead of you, ask your sponsor to complete an RE2 Form, RE2I Form or RE2sme form
  • the University is automatically informed from Student Finance should you be in receipt of a Student Loan. Refunds will be made automatically once this information has been received
  • if you've overpaid (including any discounts you may have overpaid), contact
  • if you're an international student (non-EEA) and you're due a refund of your deposit, email
  • if you're due a refund for something other than tuition fees, see non-tuition fee refund

Please note, you won't automatically receive a refund if you've suspended your studies. Instead, we'll carry any credit balance on your account forward towards your return. If you wish to request a refund of your credit balance following suspension, please contact us at

How to request a refund

Once Student Administration Service receives the correct form or letter, a refund is automatically generated. If you want to query your refund, email

Getting your refund

We'll refund the person who originally made the payment via the same payment method. For example, if the payment was made online using a debit or credit card, we'll refund the money onto the same card.

Once you've sent the correct information to our Finance Department, allow up to 2 weeks to receive your refund. If you have to send additional information, you'll have to wait up to 4 weeks.

Please note, if you're in debt to the University, we have the right to refuse a request for a refund.

For further enquiries about tuition fee refunds, email

Accessing financial help

If you're having problems with money and experiencing financial hardship, financial support is available:

  • Scholarships and bursaries - see if you're eligible and find out how to apply
  • Student Finance Centre - advice on loans, grants, bursaries, benefits, debt and hardship funds from our experienced advisors. Get in touch.

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