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With your physics degree, a wide range of occupations could be open to you. It’s a great starting point for a career in scientific research, as well as a range of career paths in the business, finance, IT and engineering sectors. With many employers now accepting applications from graduates with any degree subject, your options may be even broader.

The Prospects website offers a useful list of job profiles each containing relevant information about key responsibilities, skill requirements, starting salaries, entry requirements and career prospects, with links to major employers and current graduate vacancies.

Job roles

Job roles in this sector include:

Keep up-to-date with the industry

SEPnet - the South East Physics Network - also provides helpful resources to support you in exploring potential careers with your Physics degree. Take a look at their A-Z list of careers open to Physics graduates.

As part of your job-hunting strategy you will need to keep up to date on areas of employment where a physics degree could be useful. Below are some key resources to help you research the opportunities available. The knowledge gained through your research may help you to explore career options, target your job applications and prepare for interviews.

We also have a dedicated guide to researching an employer.

  • Prospects - Careers website which provides an overview of what to do with a maths degree, job vacancy information and careers advice.
  • Targetjobs - An overview of career areas with a physics degree.
  • All About Careers - All About Careers provides some useful tips, advice and tools to help you explore what to do with a physics degree.
  • The Institute of Physics - Offers information on the next steps for physics graduates.
  • The Guardian - An insight into physics-related career areas and postgraduate courses from The Guardian.


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