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Across all sectors and in most businesses, marketing, and PR fulfil an important function helping organisations to develop and enhance public interest in their brand, organisation, person or product, and maintain their reputation.

People working in these areas are often regarded as being highly creative, yet the industry cannot depend on creativity alone and would not be able to function without people who are also highly organised, energetic and who have excellent communication skills.

Digital transformation has increased the number of roles and opportunities available to STEM graduates, and new job roles are emerging in agencies where students with degrees in mathematics, physics, computer science, data science, and psychology may have an advantage. Most opportunities in this sector are in the overarching area of marketing, with smaller numbers of jobs available in advertising, PR and event management.

On this page you will find job roles to consider in this field, and key resources to help you research the sector further, and keep up to date with industry news and trends.


Job roles

Job roles in this sector include:


Keeping up to date

Key resources to help you research the sector further:


Comprehensive information for agencies in UK's advertising, media and communications industry

Chartered Institute of Marketing

Information and advice on the sector, the skills you will need and how to go about getting that first break. It provides an overview of the marketing industry, compares agency and in-house positions, and looks at typical hours and salaries in marketing.

Chartered Institute of Public Relations

General information about public relations aimed at individuals interested in starting a career in the PR professio

Institute of Digital Marketing

Training, networking, events and job vacancies within the digital marketing field.


Campaign provides vital, in-depth and up-to-the-minute information on the rapidly changing world of media, marketing and advertising. Useful guide to agencies and to trends.

Marketing Week

Latest news in the marketing sector and job vacancy listings

The Advertising Association

The Advertising Association website contains the latest industry news and the latest Advertising Association publications on policies and research


The magazine of the Chartered Institute of Marketing allows you to explore current issues in the marketing industry, follow the latest trends and gain advice on marketing practice

PR Week

PR Week UK is a weekly magazine for public relations professionals working in all areas of public life. It is a source of news, analysis and opinion.

The Drum

Up-to-the minute information on the latest news and trends in the marketing industry



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Marketing and PR

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