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A number of very different career roles are available within the theatre and performing arts sector. You could be a performer, a writer or director, part of the production crew or work on the sales and marketing side. This is a demanding, exciting and competitive field to break into and will most probably be based around a long-standing passion and desire to work within this industry.

Although your degree will be important, this is an area where experience, skills and attitude will be crucial in ultimately deciding how successful you will be. Like most creative job areas a proactive and positive approach is critical to forging a career within the industry. ‌


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Getting started in theatre and performance arts

Take the first steps to beginning your career in theatre and performance arts.

White Swan Building - Theatre Skills Class 
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Gaining experience in theatre and performance arts

Find out how to build your experience in theatre and performance arts while you study.

White Swan Building - Drama Studio Theatre
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Finding a job in theatre and performance arts

Explore the different ways you can find employment after you graduate from theatre and performance arts.

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