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The environmental sector is very broad and it's likely to become even larger and more diverse in the future, especially with the UK government seeking to increase the number of green jobs by 2030. Working in the environmental sector means different things to different people, and covers the natural, built, and human environment. The job opportunities within it are incredibly varied - you could think about roles related to conservation, agriculture, sustainability or climate change to name but a few. Competition in this sector can be fierce – so perseverance and passion are important qualities to have. 

Job roles within the sector could be available in:

  • Environmental consultancies
  • Public sector bodies/organisations
  • Charitable and not-for-profit organisations
  • Government bodies
  • Educational institutions
  • Research organisations 



Your options in the environmental sector

Getting started in the sector

Explore job profiles and find out how to stay up to date with the latest news about the industry.
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Gaining environmental experience

Learn about the types of work experience opportunities available in the environmental sector and where to find them.
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Finding a job in the sector

Discover where to find jobs and how to apply for roles in the environmental sector.
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