Heritage and Culture Career Guide

Getting started

Heritage & Culture

With such a variety of roles available within the Heritage and Culture sector, having an understanding of the sorts of roles available is a good starting point for your career planning. Prospects has a useful list of sector-specific job profiles that outline key responsibilities, skills requirements, starting salaries, entry requirements, career prospects with links to major employers and graduate vacancies.


Job roles

The list of job roles below provides you with a starting point, you can then look at other related jobs:

Keeping up to date

Below you will find some key resources to help you explore the heritage and culture field further, and to keep up to date with what is happening in the various areas of this sector.



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Heritage and Culture

Your guide to building a career in the heritage and culture sector.

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Gaining experience in heritage and culture

Find out how to secure work experience in the heritage and culture sector during your studies.

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Finding a job in heritage and culture

Discover how to secure a job in heritage and culture after you graduate.

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