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A good place to start with the Environmental sector is to consider the diverse range of fields and variety of job roles that could be open to you. Below you will find an outline of different areas of environmental work and potential job paths within each to research. 

Working within conservation could lead you to work with the natural world in a wide range of global settings, be it urban, rural, marine or terrestrial. Roles might include managing and monitoring ecosystems, contributing to policy development, campaigning and fundraising, or conducting specific research and analysis. There might also be scope for non-science roles such as within HR, marketing, fundraising or education. 

Job profiles might include:

Working in this area helps to ensure that the products, services and activities of organisations have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Roles in this field are diverse, and could cover areas such as air and water quality, waste management, sustainable development, environmental assessment, corporate social responsibility (CSR), research, lobbying and policy.  You could also consider a wide range of public, private or third sector organisations in your job search. Job roles might include:

Roles in the sphere of climate change might include job titles such as Travel Plan Officer - (Sustainability & Climate Change Team), Graduate Carbon Reduction Advisor or Climate Change Research Assistant. Look for roles such as these within local councils, environmental consultancies, climate change charities or educational institutions.

Agriculture and countryside management encompasses a wide range of activities related to farming and rural development. This sector plays a critical role in sustaining food production and also preserving the integrity of the countryside. Employers to consider might be agricultural consultancies, farming co-operatives, charitable organisations, conservation bodies or within the public sector.

Roles in this field might include:


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Keeping up to date

Please see below for a list of resources to help you research the sector further and keep up to date with any industry news and trends.

  • Wildlife Trusts - the website that represents the 46 Wildlife Trusts in the UK, who strive to make a positive difference to the environment
  • Environment Agency - public body which supports sustainable development and better places for people and wildlife
  • Natural England - advisory body that helps to protect and restore natural environments
  • DEFRA - governmental body, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Natural Environment Research Council - drives investment and research into environmental science



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