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Product design, as a concept, is the creation and development of ideas (through a series of processes) that lead to new products. With this in mind, it can be said that the product design industry is a very broad employment sector and job seekers should look beyond generic job titles and explore key words (such as prototyping, designing, production, manufacturing, engineering) to reveal further or hidden opportunities.

Current research suggests that product/industrial design plays a leading role in 38% of the world's largest organisations and up to 65% of business startups. However the sector is notoriously competitive, and you need to be innovative and have a passion for researching and developing solutions and devices of the future as well as be confident in marketing yourself to succeed in this area of work.

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Getting started in product design

Take the first steps to beginning your career in product design.

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Technology Facilities Day One - NOT FOR THIRD PARTY - CONSENT
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Gaining experience in product design

Find out how to build your experience in product design while you study.

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Finding a job in product design

Explore different ways you can find employment in product design after your graduate. 

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