Biomedical Science

Biomedical Science

Your career guide

Employment opportunities for Biomedical Science students are varied. Whilst some will pursue a career as a biomedical scientist, this degree will also prepare you for opportunities both within and outside of the scientific sector. 

This guide will help you to consider the wide range of career options open to you, help you to find relevant work experience to pursue the career path of your choice, and highlight some key resources to help you find graduate roles in this sector.

Getting started in biomedical science

Take the first steps to researching a career with a biomedical science degree.

Two students working with test tubes
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Gaining experience in biomedical science

Find out how to gain work experience in the industry during your studies.

student in lab wearing lab coat
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Finding a job in biomedical science

Explore different ways you can secure employment after your graduate. 

Student looking through microscope
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