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Engineering & Manufacturing

There are many different areas within the engineering and manufacturing sector and work can be varied. Some areas you could get involved in include: software, electrical, electronic, automotive, aerospace and chemical engineering, food manufacturing, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, research and development, and power and utilities generation, so some thought as to which area(s) you are particularly interested in will help you to target your job search.

On this page you will find key areas of employment to consider, sector specific job sites to help you kickstart your search, and top tips to getting hired in this industry. 


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Areas of the industry to consider

  • Aerospace industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Design and manufacturing companies
  • Energy companies
  • Food and drink manufacturers
  • Oil and gas companies


Where to start your job search

Below are some key sector specific job sites:




How to get hired

TARGETjobs have recently renewed their advice and information on ‘how to get hired’; sharing top tips and insights into the individual recruitment processes of some of the biggest engineering employers. Some examples have been included below - go to the TARGETjobs website to see more.

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Speculative applications

Speculative applications involve sending a CV and cover letter to an employer to ask if they have any vacancies, even if the company is not currently advertising for a role. They're a great way to access "hidden jobs" that go unadvertised.

Submitting a speculative application shows your interest in a specific company and your willingness to go above and beyond to develop your skills and understanding of the industry. 

Learn how to send a speculative application


Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment consultants work with individuals to help them find suitable work to match their skills. Agency Central is the UK's leading recruitment agency directory. An advanced search and filter system finds the agencies which match your needs.

Graduate Recruitment Consultancy

Are you looking for a role in Hampshire? Our Graduate Recruitment Consultancy can help!

If you're in the final year of your degree, you can register for support from our Graduate Recruitment Consultancy. They work with over 3,000 employers in the local area to place our students into fantastic graduate careers.

Learn more about the Graduate Recruitment Consultancy

Top tips for finding a job

  • Keep up to date with Engineering and Manufacturing news and trends by following professional bodies on X (Twitter), Facebook and/or LinkedIn, these sites might help you identify opportunities to network and tap into the hidden job market.
  • Keep your on line job search flexible as some employers might use different titles to describe the same job role.
  • If you are keen to focus on a specific sector within engineering and manufacturing, check out the specialist websites for these areas for current vacancies.



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