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Getting started


Within the Fashion industry you could pursue a wide range of different career choices. Prospects has a useful list of job profiles each containing relevant information about key responsibilities, skill requirements, starting salaries, entry requirements, career prospects with links to major employers and current graduate vacancies.


Job roles

Job roles in this sector include (but are not restricted to):



Creating an online presence

Throughout your degree, it might be a good idea to think about creating a social media presence to showcase your work. Many different roles within the fashion sector can be supported by the usage of social media - textile artists and fashion designers may wish to share images of their own work, whereas fashion journalists might favour text based posts, or share fashion images and give their insight and opinion. A social media presence can function in a similar manner to a portfolio, offering employers an insight into your work. Equally, for those looking to work on a freelance basis or found their own fashion brand, having a strong social media presence can help expose you to potential clients and customers. Using relevant hashtags can help your brand to be seen - try looking at similar accounts to see what they are using to boost their engagement.

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Keeping up to date

Below are some key resources to help you explore the industry further and keep up to date with sector developments:

  • Fashion Capital – Comprehensive fashion portal providing the latest fashion industry news, includes daily reviews, designer interviews and trend reports for the UK. Also contains job profiles and advice on start-ups.
  • Fashion United – Covers all the latest fashion news and daily headlines offering a comprehensive industry overview. Search the dedicated fashion jobs career centre, for current job postings.
  • Drapers – Provides the latest fashion and retail news and trends. Website offers careers advice which includes employer profiles ‘How I got here’ the early careers of the fashion industry giants.
  • Creative and Cultural skills – The industry body which supports skills and training for people and businesses working in the creative industries. Organisation provides an online hub of advice and opportunities for anyone that wants to work in a creative career.
  • Fashionista – Offers latest Fashion Industry news, Designers, runway shows, and style advice website could help you identify companies who are currently working on new projects and therefore may be looking to recruit additional staff. You could send a speculative enquiry about possible forthcoming opportunities.



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Your guide to building a career in the fashion industry. 

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