Scientific Research & Analysis

Scientific Research & Analysis

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As a scientist you might be undertaking fundamental research, developing the technologies of the future, making scientific ideas a commercially viable reality, developing and refining manufacturing processes, or innovating medical solutions - potentially having an impact on the lives of millions of people.

Areas of employment might include:

  • academic research
  • chemicals
  • food science
  • healthcare science
  • life science
  • materials science
  • toxicology

You might also find opportunities in more commercial areas of the industry such as IT, finance, marketing and HR.

Many large science and pharmaceutical companies in the UK employ graduates, but you may also find roles in public sector bodies, universities and research organisations.




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Getting started in scientific research and analysis

Take the first steps to researching a career in scientific research and analysis.

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Gaining experience in Scientific Research and Analysis

Find out how to gain work experience in the industry during your studies.

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Finding a job in scientific research and analysis

Explore different ways to secure employment once you graduate.

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