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There are many different job roles within the film industry and work can be extremely varied, you could work within writing, production or post-production. It is important to remember that work is often offered last-minute and requires an enormous amount of flexibility, particularly in production. Although some fixed employment opportunities exist, a great deal of the work is freelance and so new entrants should be aware that they may need additional part-time work to support themselves at first.

Many people within the industry start as runners or in other lower-level jobs. These roles will provide experience of the industry and access to invaluable networking opportunities. The British film industry has recently received a boost through the announcement of tax breaks. This means that, although competitive, this is potentially a good time to break into the industry.

On this page you will find employers to consider in the industry, key job search resources, information about going freelance and top tips to secure employment in the film sector!

Employers in the film industry

  • There are thousands of film and television production companies and services in the UK that will employ individuals either on a fixed-term or freelance basis. KFTV lists information for production companies worldwide with over 4,000 UK companies featured with profiles, links to their websites and contact details.
  • There are many entertainment related recruitment agencies, the majority of them based in London. Specialist recruitment agencies can be an effective way to gain employment within this industry due to the often short-term nature of work.
  • The majority of production and post-production work is based in London and the South East.
  • Related work will also be advertised by corporate business, charities, universities, marketing and advertising companies.



Where to find opportunities

Kickstart your job search in the film industry with the below resources:



Grapevine Jobs

Extensive jobs board for film and broadcast sectors


Site contains an extensive jobs board covering a wide range of opportunities within media.


Jobs board for creative roles in film and TV

Talent Bases

Multiple companies use this website to advertise a variety of jobs in media

My First Job in Film

Search and apply for the latest entry-level opportunities in the film industry.

The Knowledge

Contains contacts and opportunities to find work in the UK film and media industry.

British Film Institute (BFI)

Opportunities are varied from film restorers, programmers and policy-makers to those in support services, such as marketing, finance, HR and IT.

The Unit

Media jobs vacancy site

Mandy Network

Latest film and TV jobs

Video Collective

A small UK jobs board focusing on film, TV and video production


Useful social media feeds

Check out the following film social media feeds for news and information about current projects and to tap into the hidden jobs market.




Many professionals in the film industry work as self-employed freelancers, working on projects as opposed to full-time employment. Continuous learning and networking are important to finding and securing roles, as is a proactive attitude. You can gain initial experience through work placements, competitions, undertaking work experience and developing your own portfolio relevant to the area of work you wish to enter.

Look at the following resources to get started:

  • Production Base – the UK's leading digital publication and network for freelancers working in TV, film, theatre, radio and commercial production.
  • Southpoint Films – In addition to roles they may be actively recruiting for, company also offer freelance opportunities.
  • Video Collective – A UK job board for professional freelancers seeking career opportunities in the Video, TV and Film industry. Use filters to find current freelance, full-time and part-time vacancies.
Student editing the footage recorded in the Green Screen Digital Studio in the Eldon Building

Top tips for finding a job in film

  • Target entry-level roles within the industry as well as more skilled positions that you can technically do. A job as a runner for example will provide you with an excellent opportunity to network, make contacts, learn about all kinds of different roles within production and get your foot in the door.
  • Make sure your portfolio of work is strong and visible, whether your desire is to be a writer, director or actor. When talking to people in the industry it is beneficial to have something tangible to show rather than just claiming what you can do.
  • Use social media effectively to present your work, network and approach prospective employers. In the film industry, last minute jobs (particularly entry level roles) are often posted on Twitter or Facebook.
  • ScreenSkills offer a trainee course for graduates that matches individuals to excellent opportunities within the industry where you'll be trained-up and paid.

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