Considering suspending or withdrawing from your course?


You’ll be asked to seek guidance from a number of different teams across the university and this guide will help to explain who you may benefit from being in touch with, and why.

Personal Tutor 

Tutors can help provide the reassurance you may need to make the best choice for you.  Their role is to signpost you to the right people before making a final decision.

Contact information:

You will find the name of your personal tutor in your Student View.  Find our more about all the issues your Personal Tutor can help you with.

Academic Tutors

If you’re considering suspending as you’ve missed lectures or struggle to understand your course content, then catch up with our Academic Tutors for subject specific sessions to help you get back on track.

Contact information:

You can find more information on the Support Tutors and Advisers webpage, including information for your Faculty and details on how to book individual or group support sessions.

The Union Advice Service

A team of specially trained advisors can help you navigate the University's policies and procedures and provide 1-2-1 support the whole way. Being completely separate from the University they can give you impartial yet informed third party advice.

Contact information:

Open 10.00am–4.00pm access online, via phone or walk in
Website: The Union Advice Service
Phone: +44 (0)239 284 3478
Location: Gun House, behind the Students’ Union

Student Finance Centre

You are strongly encouraged to discuss any plans to suspend/withdraw with our Student Finance team. If you are a home student taking out a loan to pay for your studies, the two main factors to consider are your tuition fees and maintenance loan. Depending on the date you suspend/withdraw, will dictate whether you are charged 25%, 50% or 100% of the tuition fees. If you receive a maintenance loan then you may be asked to repay some of this back instantly or alternatively, it could be deducted from your loan the following academic year.  Finally, repeat years of study could have implications on your ability to get the tuition fee loan in future years (home students only). Students are generally entitled to one additional year of funding, so if you have already repeated or decided to change course after year two, you may not get the tuition fee loan the following year. There are exceptions to this such as compelling personal reasons which we can advise you about at the Student Finance Centre.

Contact information:

Phone: +44 (0)239 284 3014
Location: Ground Floor, University House

Student Housing

The team can support you If you’d like to discuss any issues relating to your accommodation within the private sector or halls.  They can also advise on options should you need to vacate your accommodation before the end of your contract.  

Contact information:

Phone: +44 (0)239 284 3214
Location: Ground Floor, University House

Res Life

If you need support with issues related to living in halls or understanding a hall of residence contract directly with University then our Res Life team can help.  Students usually need to vacate halls within 7 days of the suspension / withdrawal date.

Contact information:

Open Monday - Friday 12.00pm–8.00pm, no appointment necessary
Phone: +44 (0)239 284 3418

Careers and Employability Service

The Careers and Employability Service can provide you with a 1-2-1 confidential 40 minute appointment to discuss your career options. Should you withdraw they can provide you with an insight into the labour market and how you may be able to pursue any career goals. If you decide to remain, our qualified Careers Advisers will talk you through the support available to help you with future career planning.

Please contact us to discuss the support available or to arrange an appointment.

Contact information:

Book an appointment with Careers and Employability Service
Phone: +44 (0)239 284 2684
Location: Rosalind Franklin East, 28 Guildhall Walk, PO1 2DD

International Student Advisers (ISA)

If you are studying in the UK on a Student Route or Tier 4 visa then you should seek advice immediately from the ISA team. A suspension of studies of 60 days or more will be reported to UKVI. UKVI will then take action to cancel your visa and you will be given a new visa end date. You’ll need to leave the UK before this new end date. You can only receive formal visa related advice from the ISA team. 

Contact information:

Location:  Ground Floor, University House

Student Wellbeing Service

The Student Wellbeing Service provides a confidential space for you to talk through any decisions about withdrawing or suspending studies and can continue to offer some support during a period of suspension and the transition out of University. They also ensure you're aware of all academic support available and encourage you to keep in contact with your Personal Tutor, Engagement Officers and other relevant services.

Contact information:

Website: Health and Wellbeing
Phone: +44 (0)239 284 3466
Location: 2nd Floor, Bateson Centre

Additional Support and Disability Advice Centre (ASDAC)

ASDAC provides a confidential service for all students with additional learning needs and can give you advice on academic support. They can also discuss what reasonable adjustments you may require and refer you to appropriate agencies for support.

Before you make your decision you may wish to contact ASDAC, in confidence, if your decision is related to a condition that impacts on your ability to access the campus, curriculum, teaching, learning, assessments and any other University service.

Contact information:

Website: Additional Support and Disability Advice Centre
Phone: +44 (0)239 284 3462
Location: Ground Floor, The Bateson Centre

University Library

Whilst your library account will be closed and you will need to return any books on loan you can still continue to use the library. You can obtain a day pass by showing a photographic ID at the Reception Desk – this would allow access to the library, but you wouldn’t be able to borrow books. Alternatively, you could get an External Reader card, which is free and would allow you to borrow two books at a time.

Contact information:

Website: Library
Phone: +44 (0)239 284 3228

Student View

You can complete the request to suspend your studies, transfer or withdraw in your Your Student View.