Music Career Guide

Getting started


Within the music sector you could be looking at a wide range of occupations. Prospects has a useful list of job profiles each containing relevant information about key responsibilities, skill requirements, starting salaries, entry requirements, career prospects with links to major employers and current graduate vacancies.


Job roles

Job roles in this sector include, but are not limited to:


Keeping up to date

Below you will find some key resources to help you research the sector further, and keep up to date with industry trends and news. 

UK Music acts as a voice for all sectors within the industry and supports initiatives to benefit those within the music industry

Music Week

Music industry news, data, analysis and opinion as well as a jobs board


Essential jobs, news and information for professionals working in the UK arts and cultural industries

Careers in Music

Although an American site this provides in-depth advice and guidance on over 100 music-related careers with tips from industry professionals.

Sound on Sound

Industry magazine for recording musicians, music producers and sound engineers.


News and advice for recording artists and sound engineers.

Musician's Union

Advice and guidance for those working in the music industry, particularly useful for freelancers. Offers heavily discounted membership for students.


Online guide to the music production industry

The Unsigned Guide

Subscription based guide to the music industry including 8,800 UK music business contacts spanning 50 areas of the industry

DIY Musician

Discover everything you need to know about being a successful musician on your own terms. Covers topics such as music marketing, song writing, social networking, recording, copyright and building a YouTube presence.



Explore the Music Career Guide


Your guide to building a career in the music industry.

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Gaining experience in music

Find out how to gain experience in the music industry during your studies.

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Finding a job in music

Explore different ways to secure employment in the music industry after you graduate.

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