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The Student Advice Team staff the daily drop in at the Careers & Employability Centre. They are fully trained to help you with your CV and finding a part time job - simply pop in to the careers centre between 13.00-16.00 Monday-Friday (during term time) for a quick and easy way to get support.

Below you can meet the Student Information Assistants, and find out what their top CV tip is...


Anais, BSc Psychology

"Make sure to tailor your CV - pick out the key characteristics the role is looking for and incorporate that into your content."


Dan, BA International Relations with French

"Adjust the margins of your CV document to help you fill any blank space or to include more content." 


Ella, BSc Criminology and Criminal Justice

"Make sure your CV is formatted beautifully with clear headings and fonts."


Ilinca, BSc Dental Hygiene and Therapy

"Use CareerSet to help improve your CV and tailor it to specific job roles."


Kevin, MSc Computer Network Administration and Management

"Where possible, try to quantify your bullet points and use the STAR method to help you articulate your experience effectively."


Lauren, BSc Marine Biology

"Use bullet points to highlight your key skills throughout your CV."


Michael, BA Television Production

"Embed your skill set throughout your CV content to provide evidence for your skills."


Paschal, BSc Software Engineering

"Start your bullet points with Action Words." 


Ross, MEng Electronic Engineering

"If you don’t have a job description to tailor your CV against, Prospects has hundreds of job profiles with examples of key skills to include."


Tawana, BSc Biochemistry

"Be open to editing your CV - it is rarely set in stone!"



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Drop in runs from 13:00-16:00, Monday to Friday, during term time

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