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The music industry offers an eclectic range of job areas. You could work within performance, production, the technical and engineering side, promotion and marketing or management. Then there are music-related jobs outside of the industry within health, community work or teaching. Music is a sector where freelance work is prevalent within certain areas and many people will work in more than one role at any one time, for example combining private teaching with performance work.

On this page you will find information about employers to consider, resources to help kickstart your job search, information about freelancing and top tips to secure a role in this exciting industry.


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Employers who recruit in these areas

  • Schools, colleges, universities (teaching)
  • Television and radio companies will employ technicians, engineers and performers
  • Commercial and corporate production companies can offer ad hoc work for performers
  • Music producers and studios for performance, production and technical work
  • Theatres and art companies will employ musicians, music directors and music-related positions within the community
  • Music venues and clubs will employ performers, DJs and producers


The majority of musicians and performers will work on a freelance basis and pick-up work through networking, word of mouth and ultimately their reputation. For more information about working freelance, check out the following resources:



Where to find opportunities

UK Music Jobs

UK Music Jobs is an online community for UK music industry professionals seeking jobs in music.

Music Week

Music industry news, data, analysis and opinion as well as a jobs board

Entertainers Worldwide Jobs

Vacancies posted for contract and gig work in music across the globe

Warner Music Group

Varying types of internships offered by one of the biggest music companies in the UK, you may need to take a speculative approach if there are no internships being advertised.

Musical Chairs

Classical music related jobs board

Arts Council England

Industry relevant jobs board

The Music Market

Recruitment agency for the music and media industries with opportunities throughout the UK


A music development agency working to support and guide artists and bands through a career in the music industry


Create a Profile for peers, fans and business opportunities to find you. The site brings many aspects of the creative industries together into an easy to navigate, highly relevant space.

The Talent Universe

A social network for musicians & music industry professionals.



Tips for finding a job

  • If you are aiming to audition for performance roles with companies or productions you need to know that your level of skill and creative output is at a professional level. A music tutor or industry professional can assist you with this so try to make some contacts in order to gain opinion and feedback.
  • Use industry specific sites as music-related jobs will rarely be advertised on general job sites. Larger organisations will only advertise positions or work on their own websites.
  • Speculative approaches are critical within this industry in order to network, gain contacts and access the hidden jobs market. Make sure any speculative approach is highly tailored to the employer and ask for any kind of experience or advice, as well as potential paid work opportunities.
  • Self-employment as a freelancer is a big option in this area of work and is something to consider. Many people in the industry will combine different types of jobs such as performance and private tutoring or working as a sound engineer and DJ.
  • Utilise social media fully, whether accessing the hidden jobs market through following employers on X and LinkedIn or networking and promoting your output.



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