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Great ideas need funding

Get up to £1000 to support your business with our startup grants

Apply for funding to develop your startup idea

Do you have an idea but you're not sure if it will work? Would you like some money to explore the viability of your business? Do you already have an idea you wish to develop? If so, these startup grants are for you.


We have two grants available:


  • Explore Fund: Apply for up to £300 to test an idea
  • Develop Fund: Apply for up to £1,000 to develop your idea to the next stage


This funding is a grant so you won’t pay back the money. However, we do expect to see some return on the investment in terms of your business development. The Startup grant is funded by Santander Universities and is available to University of Portsmouth students and graduates within 5 years of graduating.

Explore fund - up to £300

Up to £300, this grant is suitable for groups or individuals that want to: 

  • Test or explore an idea of a small scale 
  • Take your first steps
  • Undertake market research
  • Discover if an idea is viable

Develop fund - up to £1000

Up to £1000, this grant is suitable for individuals or groups that want to:

  • Develop your idea further
  • Discover if your idea is viable on a larger scale
  • Launch your idea
  • Upscale and grow your current idea or startup

Examples of what the explore and develop funding could be used for include market research, creating a prototype, marketing, purchasing products and services or launching a product or service. 

The funding is for UK based projects and businesses only. 

Some top tips when completing your application:

  • Assume no one knows about your idea, explain it in a clear and concise way
  • Impact is key, so explain how the funding will help - how will it make a difference?
  • Be realistic with how much you are asking for. If you can provide a breakdown of what the money would be spent on, that's really helpful
  • Think about what makes you different - we get lots of applications so make yourself stand out
  • Any questions ask the team. We can't review your application before you submit but we can answer questions you may have

Applications for this round of funding have now closed.

Speak to a member of the Student StartUp team about your idea at the weekly Enterprise Clinic, or explore other funding options on our resources pages.

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