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Across all sectors and in most businesses, marketing and PR fulfil an important function helping organisations to develop and enhance public interest in their brand, organisation, person or product, and maintain their reputation.

People working in these areas are often regarded as being highly creative, yet the industry cannot depend on creativity alone and would not be able to function without people who are also highly organised, energetic and who have excellent communication skills.

Digital transformation has increased the number of roles and opportunities available to STEM graduates, and new job roles are emerging in agencies where students with degrees in mathematics, physics, computer science, data science, and psychology may have an advantage. Most opportunities in this sector are in the overarching area of marketing, with smaller numbers of jobs available in advertising, PR and event management.



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Getting started in marketing and PR

Take the first steps to researching a career within marketing and PR.

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Gaining experience in marketing and PR

Find out how to gain work experience in the industry during your studies. 

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Finding a job in marketing and PR

Explore different ways you can secure employment in the sector after you graduate. 

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