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Heritage & Culture

The majority of graduates seeking work in the Heritage and Culture sector usually enter into their first role as an assistant (or similar) before progressing into more senior positions as more experience, skills and contacts within the industry are accumulated. Volunteering experience within a related area is highly advantageous and the majority of successful candidates entering these initial positions will have had this kind of experience.

Compared to other sectors traditionally there are generally very few graduate schemes offered by organisations specialising in heritage and culture, although a few larger funded organisations such as the National Trust and Wellcome Trust  may have these from time to time.

On this page you will find some key resources to help you locate work in this sector, as well as some other approaches and considerations to think about.


Where to look for opportunities



Further study

If you are looking to pursue an academic or specialist career within the sector you may find a postgraduate course is a requirement to achieve your desired career. In other professions  a postgraduate qualification could provide you with a competitive edge. When mapping out your career plans it is important to consider what role a postgraduate qualification will play in this and in many cases practical work experience in your preferred industry can often be just as important to an employer than gaining some further study, if not more. Undertaking some research into the requirements of your role by reading existing job adverts and detailed descriptions or using careers information such as Prospects Job Profiles can provide a good indicator of what experience the employer is looking for from their applicants.

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Tips for finding a job

  • Keep up to date with heritage and culture news and trends by following relevant groups and organisations on X, this information might help you identify opportunities to network and tap into the hidden job market.
  • Keep your online job search flexible as some employers might use different titles to describe the same job role.
  • If you are keen to focus on a specific area within the heritage and culture sector then check out the specialist websites for these areas for current vacancies.



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