The Portsmouth Award

The Portsmouth Award

Realise your potential, achieve your career goals.

What is The Portsmouth Award? 

The Portsmouth Award is an online programme designed to help you reflect on skills you develop through extracurricular activities, explore career options, and increase your confidence to apply for opportunities. The Portsmouth Award is open to all students.

Once completed, you will receive a digital certificate for your CV.

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How to complete the award

Enrolment for The Portsmouth Award will open in October 2023.

The Portsmouth Award is completed online through Moodle. You can work through the programme at your own pace and seek further support from the Careers and Employability service at any point. The Award is made up of 3 levels:

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Own your story

Develop a clearer sense of who you are and what you can offer an employer, as well as gain valuable experience.

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Find your fit

Understand your options and confidently carry out employer research to identify the right opportunities for you.

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Make your mark

Be prepared to take the next steps after your course, whether that's a graduate role, further study or starting your own business.


Once you have completed The Portsmouth Award, you will have:

  • More confidence in presenting your value to employers. This will include increased clarity on the skills, strengths and values you can offer, and the relevance of your work experience
  • More confidence in how to research different sectors, employers and opportunities to consider the best fit for you
  • A greater understanding of what graduate employers are looking for through their recruitment processes and more confidence in your ability to navigate those processes.



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Support throughout The Portsmouth Award

Although The Portsmouth Award is a self-directed programme through Moodle, we offer continued support through: 


Getting started with The Portsmouth Award

Introductory workshops

If you would like to know more about The Portsmouth Award, come along to one of our workshops. You can book your place through MyCareer:

Further workshops will be available throughout 2023/24