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Getting started


Within the film sector, you could be looking at an extensive range of occupations. Prospects has a useful list of job profiles each containing relevant information about key responsibilities, skill requirements, starting salaries, entry requirements and career prospects with links to major employers and current graduate vacancies.


Job profiles

Job roles in this sector, and ones where you degree would be useful include:


Keeping up to date

Below are some key resources to help you research the film industry further and keep up to date with news in the sector, and potential opportunities available. The knowledge gained through your research may help you to target your applications and will help when preparing for interviews.

Creative Toolkit

Provides inspiration, support and practical advice for starting a career within the entertainment sector

Screen Daily

Film industry news, articles, festival coverage, production news, careers advice and jobs


Careers advice and information for those working in or hoping to make it in the UK creative industries. Includes news, blogs, events and sector-specific careers information

My First Job in Film

Website includes a useful industry news section as well as comprehensive career guides in the resources section for all areas of the industry, from Major Production/Post Production through to Distribution

Production Base

This is an industry network for people working in film, television and commercial production. General careers advice about jobs in this secto


Site aims to inspire those looking to work in the film or TV industries. Offers careers advice, talks and lectures from industry professionals

British Film Institute (BFI)

The BFI exists to promote greater understanding and appreciation of film and moving image culture in the UK

Screen South

Information about the film industry including jobs bursaries and events for the southern regio




Throughout your degree, it is a good idea to build on your showreel, which can act as a portfolio of your work to showcase to employers when you come to apply for jobs and work experience. Creating an effective showreel can help you stand out from other applicants and highlight your skills and technical expertise in the field.


Find out more about showreels

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Your guide to building a career in the film industry. 

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