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Gaining experience

Civil Engineering, Construction and Property


Undertaking relevant work experience is invaluable to develop expertise and the all-important transferable skills, which will help you demonstrate your motivation and commitment to this area of work. Larger employers will sometimes offer placement and internship students a job upon graduating


Types of opportunities


As part of your degree programme you will have the opportunity to take part in paid placement year to give you proven industrial experience by the time you graduate.


You can find placements through:


Learn more about completing a placement year


An internship is a work-experience opportunity that lasts anywhere between 6-12 weeks and is often completed over vacation periods.

Many employers offer civil engineering summer internships, including:


Learn more about completing internships

Diversity schemes

Unlock tailored work experiences with diversity-focused programs from major companies and organisations in the civil engineering sector. These initiatives cater to diverse backgrounds, empowering individuals who've faced challenges due to their identity. Designed for Black students, women, and those with disabilities, these programs enhance inclusivity, upskilling, and sector-specific exposure, bridging opportunity gaps. Popular schemes include:

Insight days

Insight events are not as common in Civil Engineering as in other career areas, but some larger engineering employers are beginning to offer them. For example:

  • BAE Systems offer insight experiences.
  • Mace run a 3 day insight programme and insight weeks aimed at first and second-year undergraduates.
  • Skanska offers virtual and in-person insight events for students, with the potential for further work-experience.

Some insight programmes are aimed specifically at first-year students, or second-year students for those studying a 4-year course. 

By attending insight events, you increase your chances of securing further work-experience, and the potential to network with important contacts within the firm. 



Building work experience

Learn more about how we can support you in securing experience and translating the skills you gain to future applications. 


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