Gaining Experience


Gaining fieldwork experience is an essential part of your geology studies, since it provides necessary practical experience to complement your learning, as well as the opportunity to establish a good network of employer’s contacts. Undertaking a period of work experience can also help you make decisions about future career plans.


Types of opportunities


Placements usually last between 6-12 months and can be taken as part of your degree programme. If you are interested in completing a placement year, speak to the Science & Health Placements Hub.

You can also find placement opportunities through:


Learn more about the Science & Health Placements Hub


Internships are short term work experience opportunities that may last anywhere between 2 weeks - 6 months. They are often completed during vacation periods.

Internships relevant to geology students are offered by a number of large organisations, including:

Learn more about completing internships


Enhance your prospects with hands-on experience through volunteering. Whether you're uncertain about your career path or aiming for professional success, volunteering offers a chance to explore diverse roles and build up key transferable skills. You could think about roles such as:

  • STEM Ambassador - promoting your subject to young people to inspire and motivate them
  • Faculty Ambassador - representing your faculty at university open days
  • Museum Volunteer - helping out at a local museum 


Learn more about volunteering


Speculative applications

Another way to potentially secure experience within this field is with a speculative applications. This involves sending a CV and cover letter to an employer to ask if they can offer any work experience, even if the company is not currently advertising placements or internships.

Submitting a speculative application shows your interest in a specific company and your willingness to go above and beyond to develop your skills and understanding of the industry. A good place to start is with industry directories, to see a list of companies that you might wish to target, such as:


Learn how to send a speculative application



Building work experience

Learn more about how we can support you in securing experience and translating the skills you gain to future applications. 


Visit our work experience page

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