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Here you'll find everything you need to know in relation to your time as a postgraduate research student. If you are having an issue or need advice, please contact

Changes to your mode of study

Whilst you are studying on your Research Degree programme, any changes from the Research Student Registry that was approved by the Faculty Research Degree Committee (FRDC) will need to be requested on the relevant form below and approved by the FRDC.

Once approval has been given, the Research Section will notify you and your First Supervisor of the approval and any impact on formal review and thesis submission dates, where relevant.

  • For supervisor changes please use a UPR3.
  • For changes to the PGRS status such as interruptions/suspensions, withdrawal or change to the mode (e.g. full-time to part-time) please use a UPR4.

Please note that for international students, changes to the mode or status may have visa implications or an extension may be required. Please speak to one of the International Student Advisors based in the International Office in University House, or the Student Immigration Service Team ( for further advice.

  • If you require an extension period beyond the standard time frames an application will need to be completed - please use a UPR12.

For further guidance please contact

Annual review

All postgraduate research students (PGRS) must have a review in every year that they are registered.

You will only be exempt from completing a review if you have already submitted your thesis for examination or are on an approved period of interruption. If you are on an approved period of interruption, you will be expected to complete an Annual Review on your return to study and the date of this will be confirmed by the Research Section Team.

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Major review

If you are a PhD or MD student, you must submit for Major Review within the first 12 months (for full-time students), or 24 months (for part-time students). MPhil students may apply for a Major Review within the same time frames as above and will need to discuss this with their First Supervisor prior to submission.

For more information, please see the Academic Regulations for Higher Degrees by Research document (Section 6 - Major Review for MPhil, PhD and MD Students).

Further guidance and the procedures for both supervisors and students can be found in the Research Degrees Operational Handbook.

Don't forget - you can use SkillsForge to track the research training undertaken and print out a copy to be included in your Major Review.

If you have any questions regarding the requirement for Major Review please contact one of the Research Section Team or email them on

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