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Cisco telephone 7942

Basic phone features

To place a call, either:

  • Lift handset and dial the number.
  • Press Line, for your extension, then dial.
  • Press Speaker, then dial
  • Press New Call (soft key), then dial
  • Press Redial (soft key), redials the last number
  • Press a Speed Dial button

To answer a call, either:

  • Speakerphone: Press Answer or Speaker
  • Lift handset

To end a call either:

  • Hang up handset
  • Speakerphone: Press Speaker or End Call (soft Key)

To redial last number dialled:

  • Press Redial (soft key)


Handling multiple calls:

If multiple calls are on hold, use Scroll to select the desired call and then Press Resume (soft key)

Pickup calls within a group:

  1. Lift handset
  2. Press ··· (soft key) until you see PickUp (soft key), then press it.
  3. Press Answer (soft key)

To mute a call:

  1. Press Mute
  2. To disengage mute press Mute again

To put a call on hold:

  1. Press Hold (soft key)
  2. To return to the call, Press Resume (soft key)


Line buttons/speed buttons

Depending on configuration these buttons provide access to:

  • Phone lines - the first button will always be your primary extension. Additional lines that you have access to will appear on the button(s) below.
  • Speed dial numbers (speed dial buttons)
  • Web-based services (for example, a Personal Address Book button)
  • Call features (for example, a Privacy button)

The buttons illuminate to indicate status as follows:

  • Green, Steady – Active call on the line
  • Green, Blinking – Call on hold on this line
  • Orange, Blinking: Incoming call or reverting call
  • Red – Line in use by someone else


Transferring calls

  1. During a call, Press Transfer (soft key). This places the call on Hold
  2. Dial the number (or search for the number in UoP directory or Personal directory and then press dial)

To perform supervised call transfer (with introduction):

  1. When the party answers, announce the call.
  2. Press Transfer (soft key) and hang up.

To perform blind call transfer (without introduction):

  1. When the phone rings Press Transfer (soft key)
  2. Hang up.

Note: If you wish to return to the original caller, Press End Call (soft key), then Press Resume (soft key) to resume the call.


Conference calls

  1. During a call, press ··· (soft key) until you see Conf (soft key). This places the call on hold and opens a new line.
  2. Place a call to another party.
  3. When the call connects, press the Conf (soft key) again to add this new person to the call.
  4. This can be repeated up to 6 concurrent callers.

Viewing participants in a Conference Call:

  • Press Conf (soft key) to display the list of conference participants.
  • Press Update (soft key) to refresh the list of participants.
  • If you initiated the conference call and need to remove a participant, use the Scroll button to highlight the name and Press Remove (soft key).


Do Not Disturb

On an incoming call you can Press DND (soft key) which will turn off the ring on the handset.



  • When there is no answer from another IP Phone or the extension is busy, the call back feature can be used before the call is diverted.
  • Press Callback
  • When the destination phone has been used again, indicating the user may be available to take calls, then a message will appear on the caller’s screen and will be given the option to Dial (soft key) the caller again.


Voice mail

Only applicable for users who have voice mail configured for their extension.

  1. Press the Messages button, follow prompts to setup or check voice mail, Change PIN/PASSWORD from default 12345
  2. To access voice mail from outside of the University dial 023 9284 8586
  3. A solid red light on the handset indicates a voice mail is present.
  4. Access old voice mail by dialing 7500, check and clear voice mails.


Immediate divert

Press Divert (soft key) to divert an incoming call straight to voicemail (only present if you have voicemail)


Forward all calls

To forward all calls to another number

  1. Press Fwd All (soft key). You will hear two beeps.
  2. Dial the number you want to forward all your calls

To cancel call forwarding:

  • press Fwd All (soft key)


Call history

  • Press the Directories button.
  • Use the Scroll key to highlight the desired call history option: Missed Calls, Received Calls or Placed Calls.
  • To speed dial a number, use the Scroll key to highlight the desired number and press Dial.


University directory

Making calls from the University Directory

  • Press the Directories button
  • Use the Scroll key to select University Directory
  • Use the Scroll key to select the search option: First Name, Last Name, Number.
  • Use the letter representation on the dialing pad to enter a name or number.
  • Press Search (soft key) to display the results
  • Press Dial (soft key) to speed dial a number from the University Directory


Personal directory

You can add and remove your favourite numbers:

  • Press the Menu button and select Directories
  • Use the Scroll key to select Personal Directory
  • Prompted to type in User id (Network Login) and PIN (12345)
  • Personal Address Book - search engine
  • Press submit > add new > add names > phones > add numbers

You can search for a particular entry via the search engine, find and dial.


Volume and ringer sound

To adjust the ringer volume:

Press Volume or + while the handset is in its cradle

To adjust the handset volume:

During the call, Press Volume - or +. Press Save (soft key) to apply the new volume level to future calls.


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