This article will explain what you should do if you are considering leaving halls before the end of your contract.


Unite and Catherine House Halls

Please note this applies to University of Portsmouth halls, if you are staying in third party halls (Unite, Catherine House), please speak to the relevant providers about your contract.


Who to speak to

If you are considering leaving halls please speak with your Residence Life Team as soon as possible. They will advise you what to do next. Please do not just pack up and go or there will be financial implications.


Withdrawing from the University

If you decide to withdraw or are withdrawn from the University, you will be required to move out of your halls of residence. Before you make any arrangements to vacate your room, you should firstly inform the Accommodation Management team and provide them with confirmation of your official withdrawal. If you remain in Halls of Residence after you withdraw or are withdrawn, a court order will be required to regain possession.

Returning to halls after withdrawal/ suspension of studies - please see this article.


Halls fee liabilities

When you accept the offer of a room in halls, you make a binding contract that you will live there for the agreed period. Therefore, you cannot break this contract midway through.

If you do vacate your room outside of the contract, then you are still liable for all remaining accommodation fees until the end of the agreed period.