This article explains where to put your rubbish and recycling when taking it outside and the locations of the bins/ refuse containers.

There are three types of external bins – purple, red and green.

  • Green bins – for waste that does not contain food or liquid, put in using clear plastic bags. Please do not place black plastic bags into green bins as they will contaminate the whole container and will not be collected for recycling.
  • Purple bins – for waste containing food or liquids, put in using black bin bags.
  • Red bins – for food waste only (no packaging)


Location of external bins


Green recycling

Red food waste
Bateson Outside, between reception main entrance and the purple bin shed Right of the reception entrance green bins
Burrell House At the entrance to the car park  
Harry Law Various locations around the basement car park  
Rees All rubbish collected in student pantries  


Third Party Halls (e.g. Unite, Catherine House)

Please see relevant third party websites for information on waste disposal.