This article provides information regarding electrical safety during a student’s tenancy in halls of residence.


Rules and regulations in halls of residence:

The University halls of residence are fitted with a 13-amp supply. All internal systems are tested for safety. Only appliances rated 240V should be used. If you are unsure if your equipment is compatible, do not use it and check with your hall reception.

If you bring in your own electrical equipment it must comply with British Electrical Safety standards. You agree to permit any electrical equipment brought into the hall by yourself to be inspected by a competent authority designated by the Hall Manager. If deemed unsafe, equipment will be removed from the building.

Your electric appliance must be in good condition and have a UK three-pin plug with a correct size fuse. European two/three pin plugs and adapters are not permitted.

For electrical safety reasons, if you intend to bring more than one personal computer or a large number of electrical appliances to the hall, you must inform the Hall Manager.

You must not overload electrical sockets, use square adapter plugs or plug one extension lead into another.


When should you stop using an electric appliance?

STOP using equipment if you notice these danger signs:

  • the plug is overheating or is scorched or cracked
  • the cable or wires are loose, exposed or fraying
  • there is a burning smell when an appliance is switched on
  • the fuses blow frequently


Prevent fires and injury:

These basic precautions can also help in preventing fires and injury:

  • Switch off electrical equipment when leaving a room
  • Avoid using square multi-plug adaptors – use suitable extension lead sockets and do not plug one extension lead into another
  • Keep trailing wires off the floor


Electrical appliances in halls shared kitchens:

Halls of residence provide a fridge/freezer, microwave, cooker and hob in most shared kitchens, and in a few areas, other appliances such as a kettle.

In all halls appliances you will see test stickers indicating that the appliances have passed the University safety test and the date when the next test is due.

Caution: Electrical appliances left in kitchens by your fellow residents may not have been tested. To ensure your own safety, please only use your own equipment or items supplied by halls of residence displaying a test sticker.