This article provides information about how to cook safely.

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure that you do not injure yourself or others when you are cooking:

  • Do not become distracted when cooking.
  • Do not cook if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Cooker and oven

  • If you leave your cooker (even for just a minute to answer the door/phone), take pans/pots off the heat and turn off the cooker.
  • Turn saucepan handles in so they do not stick out but make sure they are not over another cooking ring.
  • Keep the oven door shut.
  • Always clean the grill pan after using it (save effort: use kitchen foil to cover grill rack and, when the foil is dirty, throw away).
  • Do not put things other than cooking appliances on top of the cooker (for example, tea towels or oven gloves)
  • Do not trail electrical leads over the top of the cooker.


Electrical appliances

  • Deep fat fryers and chip pans are not permitted in halls of residence. If one is found it will be removed by hall's staff. You will be able to collect it when you move out of halls of residence.
  • Keep all electrical leads away from water.
  • Do not overload sockets: use only one appliance per socket.
  • Do not use your microwave to dry clothes.