This article gives more information about moving rooms in halls of residence.

Generally, it is not possible to transfer to another room. However, in exceptional circumstances you may request a transfer from the Residence Life Team

If permission is given, the Residence Life Team will forward their authorisation to Student Housing, who will then help to deal with your request. This also depends on whether or not there is a suitable room available at an affordable cost.

Please bear in mind that the Residence Life Team will not be able to address this issue for the first four weeks of term and that this will be reliant on a suitable vacancy arising and a satisfactory finance check.

If permission to transfer to another room is given, please bear in mind that the cost of your accommodation fees may increase or decrease according to the monthly charge for your new room.

Please note, there may be a charge to facilitate such moves which will need to be paid before any transfer can be completed.

To contact the Residence Life Team please see contact