This article gives you information on what you should do when you have something bothering you and making you unhappy.

There are many people that can help with lots of different issues. All welfare issues will be dealt with by the Residents Life Team.

maintenance issue can be dealt with at reception. If you are unsure or need to book an appointment to see a member of the Residence Life Team, please make the reception your first point of contact. Any member of staff will be happy to help you to resolve your query.


Residence Life Assistants

You can also speak to a Residence Life Assistant (RLA). Residence Life Assistants are students who have experienced their first-year in halls so they have the knowledge and experience to help.

Residence Life Assistants have been trained to assist with all types of issues and they will be happy to help you. RLAs are fellow students who can always be relied upon to be a friendly port of call. Please ask your Hall reception how to contact an RLA.