This article contains information about moving into halls of residence.


When you move in

If you are moving in please read this article first as the arrival process is slightly different for 2020. After completing the online hall induction, you should book your timed slot for checking in. There will be 13 timed slots each day between the 12th and 27th September.


Halls registration

Please bring:

  • Two passport photos
  • Confirmation email from online induction (this can be shown on your phone). You should ensure that you have read and fully understood the terms and conditions as they form part of your accommodation contract with the University.

Once registered, you will receive your keys/access cards and deal with other aspects such as bicycle compound access, Hall Identity Card and meal vouchers.


Online inventory

You must check and complete your online inventory to ensure you will not be charged for pre-existing damages and defects when you move out at the end of your stay in halls.

Do not assume everything in your accommodation is all right. You will be given a limited time from the start of your accommodation contract to complete your online inventory.

Your inventory will be locked once this date is passed, you will not be able to make any changes. The condition of the environment and furnishings in your room and shared areas given on the inventory will then be taken as stated and used for any future assessment and possible charges.

Once you have registered in halls you will receive notification that your room inventory is available for checking and completion on the Student Home Portal.



You will have signed your accommodation contractual agreement as part of your Induction, remember that it is a legally binding document and all the terms and conditions applied are contained in your Halls of Residence Handbook.

More information on what to bring with you to halls is available here.


Online Induction for halls

Prior to moving into halls you should have completed the halls induction via the Student Home Portal, if you have not had this opportunity please speak with Hall Reception.


Third party halls - Catherine House, Unite

Moving into our third party halls? Please see arrival information on their respective websites.