This article will provide advice on living with others in halls.

At halls of residence we know that having fun is part of University life, but we ask you to respect the right of your fellow residents to have a quiet, clean and safe place to live.


Please come with an open mind

Things are not going to be the same living in Halls as they were at home and that’s going to take adjustment. You will meet new people, encounter new places and learn a whole new way of looking at things. Be prepared to adjust your views and open your mind.


Respect for others

The University operates the Equal Opportunities Policy and, accordingly, accommodation is offered to students regardless of race, sex, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

The University expects students to adhere to the principles of this policy and to respect each other – bullying or harassment is not tolerated.


Please do not use foul and abusive language

If you want to borrow something, please ask. Do not use other residents' possessions without permission.


Respect the privacy of your flat mates

Consideration, Communication and Compromise (the three Cs)


The three Cs are the key to getting on well with your flatmates:

  • Consideration. Have a chat with your flatmates before you all get angry and upset.
  • Communicate. Having everyone together at one time is a good way to help.
  • Compromise. Be open to listening, expressing your feelings. Be reasonable if your flat mate offers to see if you can do the same.


A Shared Charter

The University's Student Charter explains the commitment you can expect from us and your own responsibilities to the University community.