This article provides information for students who are thinking about bringing their car to Portsmouth.

A parking permit is required to park in University car parks. Students can only apply for a car parking permit if they are a registered disabled blue badge holder. Students who are allocated and accept a room in any of the Guildhall halls of residence or at Rees Hall or Burrell House, do not qualify for a Student Parking Permit and therefore cannot park in any of the University car parks.

If you are a blue badge holder, a parking permit will cost £75 per year. For more information or to apply for a car parking permit email: If you are a registered blue badge holder, there are allocated parking spaces available at halls of residence. Please contact the Transport Coordinator on for more information about parking facilities available.

If you are living in the private sector, we also discourage you from bringing a car as parking is a big issue in the city with full time residents, alternatives such as the free University bus are available. If you bring a car, in many areas you will need a residents parking permit to park. Portsmouth City Council will only issue you a permit if your car is registered with the DVLA at a Portsmouth address. You can find out more information here. The University has agreed with Portsmouth City Council to participate fully in its policies aimed at alleviating traffic and parking congestion and improving air quality in the city.

The University actively encourages students not to bring their car to Portsmouth, but to use the local transport links.

Students who wish to bring a motorcycle must contact the University of Portsmouth Car Parking office prior to bringing it on campus to make suitable arrangements.