This article provides some handy tips for where to look for private accommodation and the average size of student properties.

Portsmouth's excellent location on the south coast makes it easily accessible by road, rail, air and sea to Hampshire countryside, London and beyond!

It takes an hour to walk from east to west across the island, so everything is easy to reach.


Where most student properties are located

There are many student-friendly areas to live in Portsmouth and most houses are found in the central Southsea area (by walking, this is on average 15 to 25 minutes away from the main campus), and also the Fratton area (15 to 20 minutes away by walking from the main campus). See below for more information on each location. There are also a growing number in the Eastney/Milton area (by walking, on average 30 minutes away from the main campus, or 10/15 minutes on the University Bus).



The main student area of Portsmouth is Southsea which has a mixed residential community. It is within easy reach of the Guildhall Campus and is served by local bus routes as well as the free University bus service which runs regularly on weekdays during the term time.

Covering the southern tip of the island, Southsea has a mix of student houses, converted flats and studios. This area’s facilities include large supermarkets, smaller food shops(ranging from the big-name supermarkets to independent multicultural food shops e.g. Mediterranean, Asian, Polish, Jamaican and more), laundrettes, coffee shops, bars, independent restaurants and eateries, as well as medical and dental practices.

The main shopping area is Palmerston Road, which offers a range of independent retailers, cafes and coffee shops, with the lively area of Albert Road also offering great entertainment, cafes and restaurants as well as independent shopping options.



Fratton is located within easy reach of the Guildhall Campus and offers a variety of housing. With its mix of shared houses and lodgings, Fratton is an alternative for students wishing to live outside Southsea - you can often find that some properties are cheaper in Fratton!

It has a good shopping area with a supermarket and a variety of local shops. Fratton station is on the main railway line to London with easy connections to the Midlands and West Country too - ideal if you have to commute for a placement perhaps!


Old Portsmouth

Old Portsmouth is the original and historic site of the city. It is a quiet part of the city, and accommodation is generally of good quality. As a result, it is an expensive area and student accommodation is limited, though it is often a popular location for lodgings accommodation due to the larger houses in this area. It has a number of amenities, including pubs and Gunwharf Quays shopping development. Old Portsmouth is about a mile from both Southsea and the city centre and is approximately half a mile from the Guildhall Campus.


Eastney & Milton

Located at the eastern end of Southsea, Eastney is predominantly residential and offers good quality housing. Unlike Southsea, with its mix of flats and houses, accommodation in Eastney is limited mainly to shared houses. It has a few amenities including independent local shops and pubs and transport links. Eastney is approximately three miles from the Guildhall Campus.

Milton, is on the eastern side of the city of Portsmouth. The available accommodation is shared houses and lodgings. Amenities are limited to independent local shops and pubs. Properties available in Eastney & Milton are generally larger so you can find you get more for your money but it is further away from the main campus. Many lodgings are located in the Eastney & Milton area.


Other districts of Portsmouth

Some students choose to live further afield depending on their accommodation needs. Other districts which are mainly residential and offer some student accommodation might be North End, Buckland, Copnor, Hilsea, Landport, Portsea and Stamshaw. These areas often offer good standard lodgings accommodation and often suit mature or post-grad students who prefer a professional and relaxed home environment, or may need somewhere to park a car more easily.


Off the island

Gosport, Hayling Island, Cosham, Drayton/Farlington and Paulsgrove are all within five miles of Portsmouth, but offer little in terms of student accommodation due to their proximity to the university areas. These are in easy commuter distance for students who choose to perhaps remain living at home in these areas and want to come to University.

Average size of student properties

Most properties are four or five bed houses. This is because most houses in Portsmouth are terraced Victorian age properties that have had a downstairs reception room turned into a further bedroom.

We tend not to get a lot of larger (six+) roomed properties, due the increased housing legislation required by landlords to rent out these sized properties, however, they are possible to find. It is also possible to find flats and houses for two or three people, but bear in mind that these may be slightly more expensive in order to cover the costs of the bills and upkeep of the house.

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