This article will give you more information on guests staying in halls of residence.

The information below reflects the previous policy regarding guests. However, due to Covid 19, and in order to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone, all University halls, Catherine House and all Unite halls are currently not allowing overnight guests. This decision will be reviewed on a regular basis and lifted when safe to do so.


Duration of guests stay

You can have one guest to stay for up to three consecutive nights and a maximum of six nights in one calendar month.

It is recommended that you let your flat mates know if you are expecting a guest.


Your responsibility for guests

  • You are responsible at all times for your guest's behaviour and actions – this includes being responsible for (and paying for) any damage that your guest may cause.
  • All overnight guests must be over 18 years of age.
  • For students living in a single sex area, all guests should be of the same sex.


Meals with guests

See this article which has information on guests having meals in catered and part-catered accommodation.


Unite halls-Greetham St, Rosalind Franklin, Trafalgar or Margaret Rule halls

Take a look at the Unite website for what to bring to halls.


Catherine House

The Student Housing Group website provides information on what’s in your room.