This article explains about waste management in halls and further detailed information on where waste should be placed.

In halls of residence we prioritise how waste should be managed based on its environmental impact:

  • Reduce the amount of waste we accumulate. Select items with the least packaging and, wherever possible, buy better quality items that should last longer.
  • Re-use items instead of throwing them away. Pass items on, repair them or adapt them for other uses. Many items, such as clothes or unwanted gifts, can be passed on via the Halls Bag it Up for Charity scheme
  • Recycle everything that can be recycled, which will significantly reduce the amount of waste needing disposal.

Item specific waste information

Here is a specific list of which bin you should use for which waste:

Type of waste Where to put it
Aerosol (empty) Kitchen bin
Aluminium foil/tray Kitchen bin
Banana skin Food caddy
Battery Hall reception (battery bucket)
Blu tack Kitchen bin
Broken, sharp objects Do not put in internal bins, dispose of in external purple bin
Cardboard, any type Kitchen bin
Carrier bag Kitchen bin
Cartridge (printer) Contact your Hall reception
Chewing gum Food caddy OR wrap it and put in kitchen bin
Coffee grounds Food caddy
Computer Contact your Hall reception
Crisp packet Kitchen bin
Drink can (emptied of liquid) Kitchen bin
Electrical waste Contact your Hall reception
Fish (inc.bones) Food caddy
Foil Kitchen bin
Glass bottle/jar (all colours) Kitchen bin
Glass, broken Do not put in internal bins, dispose of in external green metal bins
IT equipment Contact your Hall reception
Meat (including bones) Food caddy
Milk bottle tops Send to Sarah Day at the Students’ Union
Paper, any kind Kitchen bin
Plants & leaves (houseplants) Food caddy
Plastic, any type Kitchen bin
Polystyrene Kitchen bin
Sachet (empty) Kitchen bin
Stamps (used) Send to Fern Lewis at the Union (for Canine Partners Charity)
Tea bags Food caddy
Tissues Ideally put in food caddy, can also go in kitchen bin.
Yoghurt pot (empty) Kitchen bin

For 3rd party halls providers, please check with your halls reception.