Ongoing careers support for up to 5 years

Congratulations on graduating with a job lined up! That's a fantastic accomplishment.

We're proud to welcome you to the University of Portsmouth alumni community. You'll continue to have access to the careers service for the next 5 years.

You can stay connected with us in your career by taking advantage of the following resources.


Developing your new career

How to do well in your first job after university

Learn how to make the most of your first graduate role and set your career up for success.
At Request' with the following disclaimer in the description: "Alumni profiles need to be requested via the Alumni Team.  We're delighted you'd like to use this profile but it's essential we maintain good working relationships with our alumni and therefore we need to make contact with them prior to giving you access. Please click the request button and provide information on your project / campaign / communication.
Succeed in your first role

Start your own business

Whether you're looking to freelance, launch a new business or develop your idea, our Student Startup team can help!
CES-0319-Enterprise Showcase
Explore your start-up potential

Have your say with the Graduate Outcomes Survey

Take part in the national survey of graduates 15 months after you graduate and let us know how you're getting on with your career.
Graduate outcomes survey: Be part of the picture
Learn more about the Graduate Outcomes Survey
Graduation Class of 2021

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