Ethnic women

Supporting Diversity

Find employers and organisations that promote an inclusive and diverse workforce

In this employment guide we've provided advice on finding opportunities, organisations and networks that support our PGM (people of global majority) students.

Legally, an employer is not allowed to discriminate against job candidates or staff on the basis of race, as this is a protected characteristic. Many employers look to take measures to make their recruitment process more inclusive and their organisations more diverse. To avoid any unconscious bias, some employers will use blind recruitment processes, which remove identifying information such as names from a candidate's application. 

Alternatively, some employers look to use positive action to improve the diversity of their workforce, such as providing schemes or internships to provide experience within the employer's industry.

The following advice and links will provide a starting point for your career research.

What to look for when researching employers

You may find it helpful to do some research into employers that interest you, particularly with regards to their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within the workforce. Many employers will have an 'about us' section on their website which touches on their ethics and values.  You can look over these to see if the employer has included anything about increasing and supporting the diversity of their workforce, including whether they offer any schemes or programmes to attract diverse employees. In some instances, employers may also provide case studies to showcase their initiatives. Our guide to researching an employer will help you get started in discovering if your employer of interest is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce.

What do you need to tell a potential employer?

As an applicant, there are many ways you can demonstrate your range of skills, qualifications and experience to their maximum potential. It’s helpful to think of the assets you can bring to an organisation; for instance, your ability to relate well to a range of individuals from multicultural backgrounds and perhaps some additional language skills. Although, it is not a legal requirement to disclose race and ethnicity, some students from minority ethnic backgrounds can be concerned about how to market their skills so that they're reviewed without discrimination. 

According to the Institute of Employers ‘Black Careers Matters’ Report 2021, ‘applicants for jobs from ethnic minorities have to send 60% more applications to receive the same number of call backs as White candidates.’ The report also showed how there is a demand for employers to commit to making their recruitment process more inclusive and to make sure they actively support the professional development of Black students. More graduate employers recognise and have responded to the urgent action needed to improve their diversity and inclusion policies and hiring practises (see our advice on researching employers above).

It's crucial to remember that any experience, including involvement with cultural societies or religious activities, can be presented in a positive way by highlighting the skills that were involved, for instance leadership and organisation.

It’s also important not to underestimate the value employers place upon transferable skills gained through extracurricular activities and/or voluntary work.

Finding Opportunities 

Below is a selection of opportunities aimed at PGM students, graduates and employees. A list of opportunities grouped by sector is listed further on in this guide.


Support organisations and networks

  • The University of Portsmouth Students’ Union has dedicated PGM Ambassadors who work on a number of issues within the University, including addressing the attainment gap.  The Union provides events, activities and campaigns throughout the year to promote equality and diversity within the university.
  • BYP Network is the largest network of black professionals in the UK with over 50,000 members. Founded in London in 2016, they connect black professionals to each other for upskilling, networking purposes and job opportunities. 
  • Rare RecruitmentEthnic JobsiteDiversifying GroupAsian Jobsite and Diversity Jobsite are resources which offer training opportunities and vacancies. 
  • Future Leaders run workshops and conferences for diverse students on a variety of themes.
  • SEO London support ethnic minority students into securing professional opportunities after graduation.
  • Inclusive Graduates connects undergraduates and graduates from diverse backgrounds with employers.
  • POCC is a UK based organisation who connect culturally and ethnically diverse individuals with creative industries.
  • Creative Access support under-represented groups to break into the creative industries.
  • The organisation Business in the Community also runs a campaign called Race for Opportunity in which their employer members are encouraged to work towards a more diverse and inclusive workforce. 
  • #10000 Black Interns offers paid work experience across a wide variety of sectors.
  • Blueprint for All offer support to young people up to the age of 30 to enable them to succeed in their chosen career.
  • The Other Box educates businesses on bias, and connects a network of people from underrepresented backgrounds.
  • Elba runs a Parity Project to improve the employability of young black men.
  • LinkedIn has a variety of different networks that you may find useful to join and connect with members. You may be interested in the Black Executives NetworkBlack Enterprise, or the National Society of Black Engineers. Building connections on LinkedIn may help you to discover other networks that are of interest to you, and establish connections with diverse individuals and employers.  Read our LinkedIn guide for more advice on how to get started.

Opportunities by sector

Below is information on schemes and initiatives based on your chosen sector.

  • Blueprint for all - The Building Futures Programme is for those considering a career in architecture, are already studying or are working in the profession.

  • Black Fundraisers UK - An organisation which connects fundraisers from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities and offers support.
  • Charityworks Fast Track - Designed to give Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic applicants a development experience to prepare them to launch a career in the non-profit sector.

  • Sewport - A fashion design scholarship for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students.

  • KPMG - Multiple insight opportunities for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students in finance and engineering.
  • Bank of England - Offering experiences for students of any background, and a scholarship for students of Black or African-Caribbean background.

  • Historic England - Placement opportunities across a variety of heritage organisations for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic applicants.
  • Windsor Fellowship - Heritage Fund Graduate Traineeship Programme.

  • Law Society - Supporting aspiring solicitors from diverse backgrounds to begin their career.
  • Society of Asian Lawyers - A society providing opportunities, events and support in the legal profession.
  • Society of Black Lawyers - A society promoting equality and diversity within the legal profession.
  • BCLP - Organises diversity events and programmes, including an African-Caribbean Recruitment initiative.

  • Sky - Offering multiple diversity programmes including a Back Heritage digital insight week.
  • NCTJ - Provides funding for people of diverse backgrounds while they undertake NCTJ journalism training.

  • The Guardian - Placement opportunities for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic individuals with an interest in journalism.
  • HarperCollins Traineeship - A 12 month salaried contract for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic graduates to experience roles within the publishing sector.
  • The Scheme - A 6 month paid traineeship with Penguin Random for individuals from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic or diverse backgrounds.

  • AFBE - The Association for Black and Ethnic Minority Engineers provides support and promotes achievement among Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic engineers.
  • BBSTEM - Promoting representation and opportunities for black individuals working in STEM professions.